Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mr Olympia 2009 Winner

Jay Cutler wins this year Mr Olympia 2009. 3 Times Mr Olympia. Jay really look bigger and more lean than last year. No wonder he won this year tittle once again.

Branch Warren Got 2nd Place to my surprise that he can manage to secure this 2nd place. I think Phil or Kai should deserve better placing than Branch.

Dexter Jackson got 3rd Place this Year.
He is last year 2008 Mr Olympia Champion
I can wonder why he lost can see a different in this size. His legs are small.

Kai Greene got 4th place, he is one of my fav guy i thought he will get 2nd place this year. I'm sure he is better than Dexter and Branch.

Phil Heath got 5th Place many people thought ge would win this year Mr O.

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