Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Creatine Help's In Fat Lost???

Yes its truth and i'm not joking not only creatine helps in size and stAdd Videorength. In fact its a great supplement to take when you are getting lean because it helps you maintain strenght and muscel while you strip fat on you a lower-carb or lower diet.

If you wanna to try to gain and lose with creatine, try taking 5 g twice per training days- onces about 30 minutes before hitting the gym and immediately after- or 5g in the morning on an empty stomach on non-training days.

For which creatine product you should take as there are many different kinds of creatine on the market. All are not cheap but no fear lucky as you can be you can try out the trial kit product from MuscleTech Cell Tech which comes in 10pack per serving and cost only RM 90.00 so you can try out before you buying a bigger bottle.

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