Thursday, April 8, 2010

Betancourt Nutrition Ripped Juice Extreme(FAT BURNER)

Betancourt Nutrition Ripped Juice Extreme 80 Capsules
RM 150.00

The most advanced thermogenic formula, has been uniquely designed to out perform any other fat burning product on the market. With the most effective blend of 16 different ingredients, Ripped Juice has the most powerful source of thermogenic ingredients proven to not only melt fat, cut your appetite but also maintain lean muscle mass. Over the past few years, huge strides have been made in the world of weight loss. Now with the discovery of Hoodia and other compounds like Evodiamine and Guggulsterone, fat burning has been completely revolutionized! Ripped Juice Extrem contains the following 16 different ingredients that work synergistically to increase your metabolism all the way to down to the cellular level!

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